Runnymede Success at the FIRST LEGO League Competition

The 2016-17 Runnymede Robotics team had an exciting competition at the TDSB’s FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Tournament in late December. The theme for 2016/17 was “Animal Allies”, and the teams chose to study species that live in High Park: the Coywolf and the Bee. Students wanted to research animals in our own ‘backyard’.

fll7With finished Bee and Coywolf projects in hand, both teams proudly presented their Executive Robot Summary describing their strategies for missions, their robot design and their unique programming.

They also completed a core value challenge and discussed where they used their core values (Coopertition® and Gracious Professionalism®) this year. The coaches and mentors were proud to see the teams work together so seamlessly to finish some difficult core value games while respecting every individual, working as a team, and having fun.

fll3The Cyberbolts got callbacks for all of 3 of their presentations, and the Positive Vibes got 2 callbacks! During lunch, both teams worked hard to fine tune programs and rebuild attachments to be ready for the robot matches. They barely sat down to eat lunch!

At the end of the long day, we were proud to see our teams do so well. The Positive Vibes won “Most Inspirational Team” and the Cyberbolts won “Best Programming.”

The Cyberbolts placed 2nd out of 28 teams, and go on to the Provincial Championships!

Check out some of the incredible research our Runnymede teams have done by visiting their FLL website.

Runnymede’s FLL teams are possible because of parent volunteers working with sponsor teachers using funds allocated by Parent Council.

This amazing enrichment opportunity for Runnymede students happens because of your fundraising donations and parent volunteer hours – thank you!

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Great Fall Eco-Learning Happening Here at Runnymede PS!

Despite the fact that there was no Fall Yard Day community event this year (due to construction and permit issues) the Yard Committee had a very busy fall in the schoolyard.

1) The Green Teacher program allowed classes to enjoy the long, beautiful fall with some outdoor exploration and learning.

image-1Grade 2 classes studied basic animal needs (water, air, shelter, food) in the Hillside Garden.

Grade 4 classes created ecologist notebooks and learned about living and non-living parts of an ecosystem and more.

Grade 6 classes explored the concept of biodiversity in their very own schoolyard and nature garden. They did a “biodiversity blitz” to identify and classify canopy tree species.

The Green Teacher will return for winter sessions in early 2017…

image-1-12) The school Green Team and Yard Committee volunteers planted special bulbs to commemorate Canada’s 150th Birthday in 2017. These bulbs were provided to Runnymede via the Eco-School Program and we look forward to seeing them at the front of the school next spring.

fullsizerender-23) The Yard Committee organized a Saturday morning of construction work to build some much-needed retaining walls in the Hillside Garden. Thank you to the parent and student volunteers who helped out with this task. We look forward to maintaining the nature garden with the entire Runnymede community at Spring Yard Day 2017.

Want to get involved?
Contact us at to volunteer with any of these initiatives!

Thank You Runnymede Community!

This year’s Direct Donation Campaign raised $36,436.

Thank you to the many generous Runnymede families that contributed!

If you forgot to make your donation (we know life gets busy) it is not too late.  Your support is not only appreciated, it is crucial for keeping our exceptional Runnymede extra-curriculars running.

Donate online now or donate by cheque by bringing your cheque to the main office, fill out a donation envelope and drop it in the box.

The Amazing Math Race wants YOU – Grade Leads needed!

Our largest parent-led STEM program at Runnymede is The Amazing Math Race – a half-day, hands-on math activity for students in grades 1 – 3.

The Amazing Math Race runs during the school day in the last half of June. Note that while a full range of activities are already prepared for each grade, new ideas are always welcome.

As a Grade Lead, you would be working with 1 or 2 other parents to:

  • ensure all materials are ready for your grade
  • help recruit 6 parents to lead individual challenges at the event
  • liaise with teachers, and
  • be onsite the day of the event to ensure things run smoothly.

Being a Grade Lead is a great opportunity to interact with students and help them engage in FUN math. You also have the chance to meet and work with a great group of parents and to connect with teachers across both French and English programs.

* Grade 2 Lead Needed *
If you are interested in being a Grade Lead for the 2016-2017 Amazing Math Race, please e-mail the STEM committee with:

Your Name:
Your Child(ren)’s Grade(s):
Your Child(ren)’s Teacher(s):
Your preferred grade to help with (if applicable):

If you are interested in helping with STEM initiatives but unable to help as a Grade Lead, no worries! Perhaps you can help on the day of the event as a parent volunteer.  Drop by our next meeting.  New committee members and ideas are always welcome.